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The management of a company’s labor liabilities is an important tool for controlling not only the amounts involved in ongoing legal discussions, but also for analyzing and reassessing the issues that were the subject of labor claims against the company.

Carrying out a insightful and careful analysis of the most recurrent and relevant issues, which are dealt with in labor claims, as a rule, consists of an overview of the main and most evident labor problems that the company has. In other words, there is the scenario of liabilities that have already been judicialized and those that have not been judicialized.

These points of attention are an excellent starting point for the company to start an assessment of its most sensitive points, and to carry out a plan to reduce risks and reduce the costs related to them.

On the other hand, when the company has a significant volume of labor claims, it is important to assess when a settlement policy can be more economically advantageous than simply taking the cases to all judicial instances.

Delaying the payment of a certain conviction is not always the most suitable option, economically speaking, for the company, as sometimes the cost of maintaining a lawsuit active in court is more onerous than the early termination by agreement, for example.

Of course, several factors must be evaluated, such as: volume of processes; financial availability of the company in the short and long term; probable, possible and remote convictions; risk for problems that still exist in the company; among others.

Finally, as noted, with a careful analysis of the company’s labor liabilities, it is possible to plan and execute a policy to reduce them with security and assertiveness.

For more information on the subject, consult our Labor Team.

Laura Lanser Bloemer