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Guarnera Advogados is a Brazilian law firm and business consultancy, which started its activities in São Paulo in 1990, with the main mission of providing consultancy to foreign businessmen willing to invest in Brazil.

As a result of its professionalism, quality and efficiency, the office has been awarded by several Brazilian and foreign institutions during its existence.

With 40 professionals in its Brazilian offices who work in different legal areas (corporate, contractual, litigation, immigration, labour law, tax law, Central Bank and Real State), the office delivers high-quality services and multidisciplinary vision.

From the very beginning, the firm’s partners have been mandated to manage many big and mid-sized foreign companies in the country, regarding not only the legal aspects, but also tax and accounting supervision.

International Presence

Guarnera Advogados has its footprint Italy since the beginning of its activities. This solid and constant presence is characterized by the frequent stay in the European country, with the aim of holding seminars, organized jointly with Italian financial entities and institutions, such as Industrial Associations, Chambers of Commerce in Italy and Brazil, Italian Trade Agency – ICE, Ministry of Development, Sace, Simest, Italian Embassy and Consulates in Brazil, Brazilian Embassy in Rome and Brazilian Consulate in Milan, in addition to several other Financial Institutions, such as Banca IntesaSanpaolo, Unicredit, Uni Banca, Bper and Banca Popolare de Sondrio.

Since the beginning of 2014, Guarnera Advogados has decided to open a representative office in the city of Milan, which is one of the most active commercial centres in Europe nowadays, in order to market the commercial opportunities in Brazil to foreign operators and seize opportunities for Brazilian companies in Europe, in collaboration with several specialized offices in Italy and Europe.

The Garnera team

Founder and
Managing Partner

Anna Lucia
Renata Aidar G.
Braga Netto
Milena Romero
Rossin Garrido
Marco Aurelio
Marlene Gomes
de Oliveira
Laura Lanser
Raquel Selene
Gabriela de Almeida
Hilsdorf Dias
Aline Cristina
Aggio Pacheco
Mirella Borges
de Souza
Brenda Ferregutti