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Guarnera Advogados

+55 11 3488-4600 São Paulo
+39 02 4671-2721 Milan

Social Responsability

We seek to improve our society through actions with social and non- profit associations.

In addition to its objective of providing high quality legal advice to its clients, Guarnera Advogados also seeks to improve our society through the implementation of values such as transparency and integrity, which are put into practice through the pro bono advocacy on the benefit of non- profit associations with social appeal.

Our pro bono program is managed by all partners and involves all employees, in order to encourage the daily practice of values that guide our mission, and focusing on the development and education of underprivileged and low- income child.

São Lourenço Association

Among the actions carried out by Guarnera Advogados in the social scope, we highlight the work carried out by the São Lourenço Association, originally from Italian Association Comunità Cenacolo. The São Lourenço Association, chaired by Dr. Giacomo Guarnera, hosts for free abandoned children and youth aged 0 to 18 of years, without any profit and free of charge. Its objective is to guarantee moral, social and professional training to these young people, in order to enable them to enter the job market and allow them to develop solid values.