Monthly Archives: August 2019

São Paulo State authorizes ICMS/ST debts installment payment

Through the Joint Resolution of São Paulo’s State General Attorney and Public Finance and Planning Department published on August, 14th, the ICMS/ST debts installment payment is now authorized up to 60 installments.Debts registered or not in active debt, judged or not, may be paid in installments.Installments’ admission term end on December, 12th, and the adherence […]

Italian normative ruling validates fiscal benefits for those who transfer their fiscal residence to the Country.

In a normative ruling of July/19, Italian Government confirmed the prediction of fiscal benefits for a series of natural person that transfer their fiscal residence to the Country. Among the beneficiaries, there are Italian docents and researchers that are currently living abroad, even though they are not registered on AIRE. For this group, the reduction of […]

Those who perform operations with crypto actives must inform Brazilian Federal Revenue Service

From August, 1st onwards, individuals, legal entities and brokerage firms that carry out purchase and sale of crypto actives must provide information to Brazilian Federal Revenue about performed operations. Crypto is any virtual currency traded electronically using encryption, as well as distributed registers technologies. Declarations will be required from: 1) National Exchanges, thus understood as legal […]