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Italian normative ruling validates fiscal benefits for those who transfer their fiscal residence to the Country.

In a normative ruling of July/19, Italian Government confirmed the prediction of fiscal benefits for a series of natural person that transfer their fiscal residence to the Country.

Among the beneficiaries, there are Italian docents and researchers that are currently living abroad, even though they are not registered on AIRE. For this group, the reduction of income tax calculation basis can reach 90% provided that the fiscal residence is transferred to Italy.

Are also benefited by the regulation the Italian workers resident outside the Country that transfer their residence to Italy, situation in which the income tax will be calculated considering as calculation basis only 50% of the total income earned, with even greater benefit for those who transfer the residence to one of the Mezzogiorno region.

At last, the normative ruling confirms the benefits for those who join the Flat Tax, with a singular payment of 100.000 euros a year over the total income produced abroad to any natural person who transfers their fiscal residence to Italy, provided that all special requirements for that system are met.Our tax department is available for further information regarding compliance with the rules.