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Startups legal landmark

Last Tuesday (5/11/2021), the Chamber of Representatives approved the Complementary Law Project no. 146/2019, popularly known as the Startups’ Legal Landmark and Innovative Entrepreneurship (“Legal Landmark”), which aims to define the rules for the startups’ operation in the country. Complementary Law Project now follows for presidential approval and it was enthusiastically received by the sector’s […]

Provisional Measure No. 1,046 / 2021 – Reissue of Labor Measures against COVID-19, including extension of deadlines for the payment of FGTS

On 4/27/2021, the Federal Government published Provisional Measure (PM) No. 1,046, which was predominantly a reproduction of PM 927/2020, which provided for several labor measures to face the consequences of the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic. It is important to point out that the measures provided for in PM 1.046 can only be applied until the end […]

Provisional Presidential Decree No. 1.040/2021

The recently published Provisional Presidential Decree No. 1.040/2021 (hereafter referred to as “PPD”) seeks to encourage the business environment and to improve Brazil’s position in the World Bank ranking Doing Business, a worldwide reference about the business environment of a determined country. The PPD aims, with the changes brought by it to the current Brazilian […]

New Emergency Program for Maintaining Employment and Income through Provisional Measure No. 1.045/2021

New Emergency Program

Provisional Measure No. 1,045/2021, published on 4/27/2021, institutes the New Emergency Program for Maintaining Employment and Income and provides complementary labor measures to deal with the state of public calamity due to Covid-19. The PM 1.045 basically brings back the Program of the PM 936/2020, with minor adjustments. PM 1,045 allows the reduction in the […]