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Início » São Paulo state government creates program to get closer to taxpayers

São Paulo state government creates program to get closer to taxpayers

On 04.06.18, Complementary Law nº 1.320/2018 was published, creating a program called “Nos Conformes”. Among its goals, this new Law seeks to provide São Paulo’s taxpayers the opportunity to settle their ICMS (Tax over Services and Merchandise Circulation) related debts or irregularities, with a larger discount than the one given by the current legislation.

For instance, in this new program, the discount rate applied to fines can reach up to 80%.

By creating such program, the State’s Tax Authorities’ intention is to get closer to taxpayers in an informative manner that precedes inspection, seeking to reduce, in the medium and long term, administrative and judicial litigation.

It is an innovative idea, aligned with tax management international organizations, such as FMI (International Monetary Fund) and BID (Inter-American Development Bank).

The São Paulo State Treasury Office is using the DEC- the Electronic Taxpayer Domicile, to notify the taxpayers that will be able to benefit from this program. The estimate is that more than 800 thousand taxpayers will be notified on this regard.  

The program can be accessed through the following link:, in which taxpayers must register and access their electronic mailbox. All of the State’s ICMS taxpayers are required to become accredited.

 For further information concerning the program, please refer to our specialized sector.

Milena Romero Rossin Garrido – Guarnera Advogados