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Main Benefits of Labor Legal Assistance

Labor legislation is very broad, as a result, having the support of a specialized legal department can make human resources employees safer and more focused on carrying out internal tasks. Meanwhile, the company’s management can make its decisions with the certainty that the labor obligations are being verified by specialized professionals with extensive experience.

Among the benefits that good labor management can bring to your company are:

  • Prevention of financial losses;
  • Optimization of the staff and productivity improvement;
  • Focus of Human Resources employees on day-to-day operations;
  • Access to specialized professionals; and
  • More security for managers and partners in decision-making.

The best way to treat problems is prevention. Labor legal assistance acts in a preventive way, performing a general diagnosis, identifying which rules the company must follow and what are the possible sources of labor liabilities. This diagnosis involves several fronts, such as:

  • Union status and verification of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • Drafting of employment contract;
  • Control of employee registration and documentation;
  • Payroll monitoring;
  • Labor charges;
  • Labor rights, such as vacation, Christmas bonus and others provided for in collective agreements;
  • Consultations on labor legislation.

There may also be:

  1. Follow-up of Labor Litigation. In this sphere, there will be a survey of the history of labor lawsuits to understand which risks must be eliminated, analysis of the processes in progress and the advisory can also help to find the best solution for each process, create procedures to control deadlines and manage the processes of which it is part, as well as estimating the expenses that may result from the processes;
  2. Assistance in the internal controls applied by the company’s personnel department (HR), that is, admission processes, promotions, dismissals and day-to-day management;
  • Assistance to prevent conflicts from turning into lawsuits. For this, the following actions are necessary:
  • maintain, in an organized manner, documentation related to employees;
  • know which facts must be documented to serve as evidence in possible labor lawsuits;
  • preserve information on working hours within the company (entry, departure and breaks), as well as overtime control;
  • monitor, together with occupational safety, the preparation and implementation of the PPRA (Program for the Prevention of Environmental Risks), the PCMSO (Program for Medical Control of Occupational Health), LTCAT and the PPP (Profile Social Security).

It is also worth mentioning that expenditures on employees are not limited to the payroll, so there must also be guidelines for actions that verify the incidence of taxes on the payroll.

Finally, as can be seen, a quality labor assistance will also help with the elaboration of opinions about the doubts that arise in everyday life, from the simplest to the most complex.

Further information can be obtained from our labor team.

Raquel Selene Rizzardi

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