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Brazilian Federal Revenue modifies companies’ qualification deadline in Integrated Foreign Trade System (SISCOMEX)

On the last Jun 16th came into force the Normative Ruling RFP nº 1893/2019 that establish relevant newness for companies qualified in Siscomex.

Pursuant to the new Normative, the validity of the qualification on the Radar will be only 6 months long, counted from the last import or export operation registered on Federal Revenue system, since it had been performed with foreign exchange cover.

That means that sample importation, for example, without foreign exchange cover, are not going to be considered in deadline counting.

In case companies do not perform import or export operation within this period, the qualification on the Radar will be automatically cancelled, and must be done a new request.

The anterior deadline was 18 months.

The Government ensures that this provision is for the protection of foreign trade, in order to avoid fraud in import or export processes. It is not known if the reactivation process will be processed rapidly, as promised by Brazilian Federal Revenue.

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