Corporate and Commercial Law
Tax law
  • Analysis and tax planning of direct and indirect taxes in the light of international treaties
  • Interpretation and application of federal, state and municipal tax laws, with the objective of improving the performance of the entrepreneurial initiative also in operations of transfers and acquisitions of companies and branches of companies, splits, mergers, transformations and other extraordinary corporate operations
  • Tax consultancy in extraordinary cases, such as compensation and recovery of tax credits, amnesties, tax incentives and tax litigation
Procedural Law
  • Extensive experience in the areas of civil, commercial and corporate litigation. Specialized in debt collection and consumer law, acting in the administrative and judicial spheres, throughout the national territory and at all levels of judgment

Labor Law
  • Legal advice on labor law, drafting opinions and employment contracts to also meet the needs of foreigners working in Brazil
  • Identification, analysis and management of latent labor liabilities
  • Support to companies in the management of union relations
  • Defense in administrative and judicial proceedings at all levels
Real Estate Law
  • Analysis and formalization of private, commercial and industrial real estate investments
  • Constitution and transfer of rights in rem
  • Assistance in purchase and sale contracts, donation, leasing, fiduciary assignment, constitution of charges and real guarantees.
Intellectual property right
  • Protection and registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights with the designated local authority
  • Preparation of license agreements for use of the brand and transfer of Know-How
European Union law
  • International multidisciplinary legal expertise to accompany Brazilian investments abroad
  • Assistance for the recognition of Italian citizenship in favor of descendants
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence and work visa in Italy and other EU countries
Global Mobility
  • Identification of the most appropriate visa method and obtaining temporary or permanent visas for foreigners who intend to invest, operate and work in Brazil
  • Tax and administrative consultancy for expatriates.
Temporary Legal Management
  • Management of the client’s internal legal department
  • Efficiency tool for small and medium businesses and startups
  • Multidisciplinary approach to different areas of law
  • fixed cost reduction, with the creation of economies of scale, dependent on the workflow
  • Greater flexibility for the client due to the absence of subordinate work relationships
  • Greater strategic objectivity
  • Reduction of intervention times for problem solving
  • Assumption of representative mandates in national and international arbitration procedures
  • Approval and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards
Regulatory Activity
  • Assistance in obtaining, together with local government entities, the authorizations, licenses and administrative certifications necessary for the start and for the regular commercial and industrial activity of the company
  • Assistance in registering capital inflows in and out with the Central Bank of Brazil and consequent declarative formalities
Wealth Management
  • Consultancy in corporate, tax planning, family law and succession for asset protection purposes
  • Consultancy for capital regularization abroad
  • Management of securities and real estate of family and corporate assets