BNDES and FINEP: BRL 2,2 billion bid for chemical companies

BNDES launches a bid aiming the selection of investment projects within the scope of the PADIQ, an acronym for Plan of development and innovation of the Chemical Industry.

The PADIQ targets the coordination of projects related to both technological and investing development within chemical manufacture industry. 

There are 6 thematic lines: 

- Additives to animal food. 

- Composite materials and carbon fibers. 

- Chemical additives to the exploration and production of petroleum 

- Silicon derivatives 

- Chemical products obtained from renewable sources

 - Chemical products to hygiene and cosmetics

 Available resources and financial modalities: 

The available resources are worth approximately  BRL 2,2 billion, and each project is entitled to be granted with the following  funding:

 - Refundable funding (with affordable taxes) 

- Non-refundable funding (equity and other hybrid instruments) 

- Lost Fund financing (with the limit of BRL 10.000.000,00 per company and project). 

The company (willing to participate) shall present a business plan with the minimal investment of BRL 10 million and 6 years term of conclusion max. The project shall be submitted by 04/29/2016.

 Due to our partnerships, we can provide the necessary support to companies which are interested in elaborating a business plan,rendereing services of preparation and submission of itto BNDES and FINEP, not to mention the negotiations with the financial institution until the approval of the resources.

 Another programs: 

Besides PADIQ, there are other programs and instruments of the BNDES and of FINEP (Project and study funding) that continuously promote the development of both  foreign and Brazilian companies, aiming to foment or expand their productive capacities in the country, encourage the exportations, finance start-ups and innovative products.

 For further information related to PADIQ and other programs of BNDES and  FINEP, contact our firm.